Simon Arthur-Smith Counselling & Psychotherapy in Brighton & Hove

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you BACP-Accredited?
Yes, I am.

How do I arrange an initial consultation?
Either e-mail me or call me on my mobile so that we can arrange a mutually-convenient time for your free initial consultation. Please note that my mobile will be switched off during times I am seeing clients, but if you leave a message, with your contact number, I will call you back at the earliest opportunity.

How do I know if counselling/psychotherapy will be beneficial for me?
A major purpose of the free initial consultation is to enable you to establish without obligation whether you feel that I have the qualities and approach necessary to help you start overcoming the difficulties you are currently facing in your life. In order for psychotherapy to be effective for you it is vital that you feel at ease and safe with your therapist.

How many counselling/psychotherapy sessions will I require?
This is a very individual thing and is dependent on what you consider your needs to be. Some people find that just a few sessions are all they need, although it is rare for fewer than six sessions to achieve significant and lasting therapeutic change. Some people value the on-going support of psychotherapy over an extended period of time. I will work with you to establish what time-frame best suits you; I will not pressurise you and the decision is entirely yours. Once counselling/psychotherapy starts, we will regularly review your therapy as we progress. It is helpful for both of us to decide at what juncture the therapy will come to an end so that you can be assured of a satisfactory emotional 'closure'.

How often are the counselling/psychotherapy sessions held?
Sessions are typically held weekly on a set day and during a set time-slot that has been agreed by both parties to be suitable and convenient. Your time-slot on your chosen day becomes your 'personal space' for counselling for the duration of the therapeutic relationship. Changes can be agreed if your personal circumstances change.

How long does a counselling/psychotherapy session last?
Sessions last for one hour - this is 15% longer than the sessions many counsellors offer (typically others' sessions are 50-minutes in duration) - meaning that five sessions with me is equivalent to six sessions with many other counsellors, making the sessions I offer more cost effective for you. Please note that I am willing to consider sessions of longer duration than one-hour, if that is the client's wish.

What does a counselling/psychotherapy session cost?
One-hour counselling/psychotherapy sessions held on weekdays cost £50 (sessions held on Saturdays - before 2pm only - cost £60).

Please remember that:

  • you have the opportunity to attend a FREE, no-obligation initial consultation prior to deciding whether to proceed with a course of counselling/psychotherapy with me;
  • the sessions I offer are one-hour sessions (instead of the 50-minute sessions that most therapists offer), meaning that the sessions I offer are more cost effective for you.

    Do you work with couples/families?

    At the present time I am not working with couples and families. Sorry.

    Frequently Asked Questions. SASLaugharneButtermere
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